• Kenneth Jacobs

What is Pragmatic Means?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Pragmatic Means is a play on words.

When we call someone pragmatic, we have to ask ourselves what pragmatic means? Pragmatic has many meanings, so the purpose of the Pragmatic Means blog is to explore them. Here are some of the things people might mean when they call someone else pragmatic:

  • They are realistic.

  • They are practical.

  • And above all, they get things done!

Pragmatic people make decisions that have practical effects in the actual world. They are agents of change that institute change, but not without considering the means by which they do it.

Any damn means is not pragmatic.

Means are the steps you take to achieve the things you value. There are, however, many different types of means:

  • Deceptive means.

  • Exploitive means.

  • And more!

Social media companies use deceptive and exploitive means when they systematically target you (the exploitation) with ads for "cure-all" (the deception) herbs, oils, and supplements. Social media companies make a buck at your expense, and the means by which they do so are not pragmatic.

Pragmatic means are when pragmatic people consider the costs associated with "getting things done." The Pragmatic Means blog explores the various actions people and institutions take to "get things done" and asks: Were those means pragmatic? Or were they deceptive, exploitive, destructive, or just plain inefficient?